What We Do
We do computer & web projects usually with at least two of: Software + Hardware + IT.

We have business clients and our own entrepreneurial ventures in the Real-Time space since long before the twitter & facebook age. We are no stranger to scientific research or experimental development.

Our Clients
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Our Products
See www.commandir.com for CommandIR.

Sample Projects

Web-based "dispatcher-less" courier system
When a previous provider pulled the plug on an emerging start-up courier business, we pulled together resources to design and develop a new skeleton system in days to keep the business operating. Features were added weekly until the new system far exceeded the original.

Multiple-angle sports instant replay system
An sports-fan entrepreneur needed an instant replay system supporting multiple angles with a $2500 budget. Drawing on Information Technology skills, we designed and created such a system without requiring costly custom programming.

Food-saving (and money-saving) invention
One of Canada's largest food service providers had a costly problem of loosing both food and customers when equipment broke down. We designed and experimentally developed an early warning system. 95% of failures could be predicted and prevented.

Web-based remote-control setup simplification system
How many remote-controls do you have in your living room? We're not inventing a smarter remote, we've invented a whole new category of entertainment system control from your couch! (December 2008 public release utilizing our CommandIR platform).

Interactive advertising RFID integration
RFID is still an underutilized technology. A graphics company wanted a tradeshow booth that would change the displayed information depending on what product was picked up.

Web-based online reservation and payment systems
One year it seemed everyone needed these.

Consumer USB devices: The CommandIR Product Line
Our own developed, marketed, direct-sale, and maintained success story, CommandIR is a remote-control gateway between 1) a remote-control to a computer and 2) a computer acting like a remote to control entertainment equipment (TV's, DVD players, etc).

The business case is in the applications of this device, like a network card is to the Internet. You can start doing really neat things when you add a remote-enabled computer to an entertainment system...

Desktop application - fuse selection software
Software to help engineers and technisions choose the right fuses.

Web 2.0 social RSVPing
An internal project, we developed an AJAX-enabled RSVP system for meetings and personal events. We still don't think there's an easy-to-use event coordinater on the market for small and medium sized businesses.

International electronic resources library
We underbid on a large electronic resources contract for an international legal group. Rather than deliver a low-budget solution, we did some extra designing upfront which saved enough time and money to put the project back on track. Never be afraid to take a few extra minutes to "think things through".

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